January 04, 2012

A Look Inside

Happy January!By Eleatta© 12x12 acrylic on canvas $175
Happy January, 2011! 

Did you know January has it's own special flower? The carnation is celebrated as it's designated "birth flower". Recently I created a series of small paintings on the topic of birth flowers. I was intrigued to find out that over time unique symbolic meanings that came to be associated with each month's flower. Moreover, during the Victorian era, special "hidden messages" were conveyed in the giving of certain flowers as well. 

The Carnation
The carnation is said to be a symbol of love, fascination, and distinction. The "hidden" victorian code-message took on a variety of meanings according to color. Apparently red spoke "My heart aches for you!" and Pink whispered, ""I'll never forget you. Isn't that so sweet?

Behind the scenes
I'll be posting more on these flowers with the turn of each new month this year. So stay tuned. Additionally, in response to requests, I'll be posting more "behind the scenes" peeks into their creation. To give you a tiny glimpse, below you'll find a video clip of a glance into my studio with a whole new crop of flowers that are blooming.

 This is my first test run using my iphone. Bear with me. I promise I'll improve! But I thought you'd like it anyway.

 Hope you had a lovely holiday season. I look forward to sharing 2012 with you! Thanks for joining me.

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