December 31, 2011

A New Season

"A New Season" by Eleatta Acrylic on repurposed materials 24"x36"$500

I almost like New Year's Eve more than Chrstmas. (I said ALMOST!). I love the great "in between" of it all- looking back while gazing forward. As the fresh new days of 2012 unfurl, the dried old days of 2011 peel away. 

This painting represents the process of the changing seasons of our lives. It was inspired by a particular text  in the ancient book of Ecclesiastes:

" There is a time and a season for everything."

For me, 2011 was especially challenging. But already I feel new sap pulsing as I thankfully consider the new year. As we enter this new year, my earnest wish for you is a heart full of hope, and a life laced with peace.

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