December 22, 2011

Look Up!

"Look Up" by Eleatta (c) Acrylic on 18x24 canvas now $95(was$135)
 Walking my dog, Buddy, is always an adventure. Frantically sniffing about for any trace of squirrel, his darting pace keeps me on my toes and watching his every move so as not to trip! But when possible I steal a glance upward. Tree tops pointing heavenward are gentle reminders to direct my life in an upward direction. They seem to whisper, "Life is more than what's under foot."

  I made this simple little painting after coming back from one of these "Buddy"walks. It is my "thank you" note to a particularly modest clump of tress that regularly remind me "Slow down. Look up".

  This painting is available for purchase this week for $95 marked down from  $135. Contact me for shipping info at or 919-323-5763.

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