May 31, 2012

Art Party: June BOGO!

Art Parties!
June is Pansy BOGO month
This is the inspiration for the June Art Parties!
  Since beginning Art Parties by Eleatta, I have had the privilege of introducing so many party guests to the surprising delight of painting. Last week someone said, "I can't believe I have been missing out on this sort of fun all my life!" Although, coming from the lips of a young 20 something did make me smile!

  I firmly believe that anyone can be empowered to paint if given the right instructions. A lot of my guest's success stems from the careful color planning that I do for each project along with the  guidelines for composition.

  Here's some pics from a few of the masterpieces created this past month with the inspiration of poppies.

If you would like to make some flowers bloom, June is a great time to grab a friend and come paint!

Here's a sneak peek of the first batch of pansies:

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Here's some Art Party FAQs

June is BOGO month! Buy one spot and get the second free!


See even more photos of past parties here!

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