August 16, 2012

Your Special Day!

Celebrate life!

Life is richer when we stop and celebrate the little moments with one another. From birthdays to
retirements, there's a steady stream of reasons to celebrate.

My sweet hubby shares a birthday moment with our daughter.
 Our youngest son's musical accomplishments, our precious grandson's arrival, and a 30 year anniversary are just a few of my own special moments.

 Celebrations (birth flowers), the current theme I'm painting, have made it easy for folks to find "just the right" gift. Many have been purchased as birthday gifts, retirement gifts and anniversary remembrances. I love hearing all the stories that patrons tell me about the who, what and why behind their purchases. 

"Wild Rose" (June's birth flower) 18x24  $225 SOLD
 I love the stories!
This was one of my favorite stories. "I want to buy this piece for my Mom. She is going to be 73 and I want to give her something, that I know she will love. She has done so much for me...."

Just like Alice 
Feeling a bit like Alice, I've been tumbling down this floral adventure since last December when Durham's Golden Belt artist community held it's 1st Annual 12×12 Benefit Exhibition. That's when I began painting the flowers dedicated to each month.  So many conversations about birth month flowers and their meanings have filled my little studio.

The hidden meaning 
I've been fascinated not only with "birth" flowers but also the hidden flower meanings, some of which date back to the Victorian era. In a culture whose every message is "in your face", I've found their gentle symbolism so refreshing!

The initial 12x12 grouping as shown outside my studio at Golden Belt, in downtown Durham,NC

Here are some birth flowers I've painted since this initial show:
The Carnation: January.The pink carnation meant I'll never forget you.

The February birth flower is the violet which symbolizes, faithfulness and humility.
The daffodil is the March birth flower. The flower means domestic happiness and friendship. You are an angel, this is the hidden meaning of this flower that was so favored during the Victorian era.

The daffodil is the April birth flower. The flower means domestic happiness and friendship. "You are an angel", is the hidden meaning, favored during the Victorian era.
*available for purchase: 12x12 acrylic $150
The rose is the June birthday flower and it is a symbol of beauty and love.

The lily of the valley is the May birth flower and signifies humility and sweetness. This flower that was so favored by the Victorian era has that it has a hidden message too, which is "you have made my life complete."

July's flower: water lilly meant an open heart.
 Available: $150 acrylic 12x12"

               This lovely flower carries a sweet hidden message,"Take care of yourself for me."
September: Morning Glory- (Available for purchase) 18x24 $175
 I find that the more I paint, the livelier the quality and have enjoyed using the smaller format to explore new techniques and compositional arrangements. Stay tuned for more!

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