August 14, 2012

Art Parties for Babies?

Art Parties are a great way to celebrate!

   I have a confession. I hate shower games! The funny thing is I don't  think I've actually ever talked to anyone who said they did like them! This realization led me to a great idea! I've begun offering Art Parties as an alternative to the obligatory shower games. (I seem to hear a sigh of relief coming from the masses of women!) Well, maybe not the masses but at least those who are taking me up on the idea of using an Art Party to solve the what-do-I-do-for-the-shower dilemma.

 Besides providing a great way to celebrate some of life's great milestones (birthdays, showers, reunions, retirement etc.) the parties also pack a couple of really big bonus. The host receives a gift of the "sample" painting and the guest of honor receives a complementary demo painting. That's pretty awesome, if I say so myself!

 Here are some pics from a recent party:
The guest of honor and myself right before all the painting fun begins!
 This beautiful soon -to -be -mom was a guest at TWO of my Art Parties at Golden Belt--Downtown Durham. She and her sister had enjoyed painting so much that her sister surprised her with an Art Party for her shower!
All of these women did such an amazing job! Just look at those gorgeous paintings! 
  I count it a privilege to facilitate groups like this. Watching the crowd, all with varying skill levels, develop their paintings brings a smile each time I have the opportunity!

Can you spot me in this pink sea?

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