September 13, 2012

A Different Sort of Painting

  Over the past couple of weeks I've been volunteering my "painting time" to give a "face lift" to a local community learning center. It's been such a privilege to link arms with like minded volunteers who are dedicated to doing their part in helping to create a better learning environment for at-risk kids.

 The Youth Life Center, since beginning in 1996, has impacted the lives of many children and has garnered genuine applause from the community.

"Seeing a program like this and hearing the stories of how it has changed the lives of the young families was like a light bulb turning on for me. 'This is it,' I thought to myself, 'this is how we break the decay, despair and danger." It's a win-win program for Durham."

Melinda Stubbee, Staff Writer
Durham Herald-Sun

The Youth Life Foundation of the Triangle is an Outreach Program of Kings Park

International Church in Durham, North Carolina. The program started as a community

 based summer reading program located in the predominately African-American

 Cornwallis Road public housing community. 

 Georgina Hill, the new director for the Life Center, explains her passion as a desire is to enhance the existing educational enrichment of the center by creating a beautiful space that engages children's senses.  She wants children to walk into the Center and see, feel, smell, touch and taste HOPE.

 As one who is completely convinced of the power our surroundings have on us, I eagerly jumped on board to help strip, clean. prep and prime walls. The official paint crew is currently picking up where we primers left off and I can't wait to see the final results! I'll post finished pics soon. Here's just a few from our two weeks of cleaning and priming.


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