September 07, 2012

Paper Pleasers: New Work

  I owe it all to "dear 'ol Mom." Forever twisting resources into new inventions (like drapes into dresses and scraps into upholstery) She defined repurposing long before it was chic and instilled in me the mantra of "waste not, want not."

Feeling quite badly about the insane amount of paper towels I consume while cleaning my paint brushes, I devised a way of upscaling them into new pieces of art.

 Glue soaked, gessoed and painted, these paper towels get a total make over!

 These 12x12's are just little preps before I dig into the final commission pieces. They're so pretty, I've got them clinging to my kitchen walls for now. Bur I know i've got to let them go eventually. They'll be up for sale in a forthcoming show at Golden Belt- in Downtown Durham .
But till then, they are making me smile!

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