September 28, 2012

How to Arrange Cut Flowers

                   Make a floral arrangement for your table!

The next time you pass by the flower aisle in your grocery , go ahead and indulge with confidence.

1. Select a bowl or dish you'd like to use.
2.Place a block of floral sponge inside and pour in water till absorbed.
3.Hold flowers close to the bowl to determine where to trim. Flowers should proportionately arise from the container ( either equal to the container height or two thirds as high)
4. Cut flower stems at a diagonal on cutting board.
5. Select largest blossoms and pierce stems into dampened foam distributing cols equally in the bowl 's area.
6. Continue dispersing all smaller blossoms equally spaced.
7. Fill spaces between flower stems with the sprigs provided in your flower bunch.
8. Hint: usually these filler" sprigs come in a variety of textures and/
or sizes. I suggest using the plumper ones and then use thinner.
(in photo, you'll see I began with the yellow bunches which were full and thick and then used the thin sprigs of eucalyptus.)
9. My final touch was to use the taller sprigs of wheat, allowing them to rise just a bit above the overall flower height.
10. Finally, you are ready to enjoy your arrangement! You may add a bit of water every few days to keep your arrangement fresh and beautiful.

Now, go grab some flowers and have fun putting together your own centerpiece. Post YOUR arrangement!

Container: with floral sponge

Height estimation: proportional to container

Cut on diagonal.

Disperse large blossoms evenly.

Fill with all larger blossoms.

Distribute smaller blossoms evenly.

Distribute "filler" bunches.



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