March 14, 2013

The Big Idea

Graphic Recording at the 11th Annual Duke Health Summit
I love working in a large format. Actually, I crave it. I confess a secret obsession with longing to fill large blank walls with color.

Faced with the challenge of interpreting the spirit of last year's Health Summit, I instinctively turned to LARGE as the chosen vehicle.

Beginning underpainting

Working on figures
I've decided to call the finished piece, "Joyful Health." It's quite a colorful composition depicting a community's relational response to a successful health care system. Doctors, nurses, health practitioners and patients literally jump for joy. It's intended to be a celebration of health. The work dances with color and line and  commands a presence, filling an 8' x 4' framework.


  In synthesizing the topic of the 2012 Summitt, "Weaving Durham’s Tapestries, Moving the Needle on Health." The painting captures a moment in time in which the objectives of improving the health of our community have been reached! 

Symbolically incorporating the analogy of weaving together efforts that are aimed at the common causes of illness in our community, I've depicted a woven quilt on which health care providers and patients  joyfully frolic. The patchwork quilt serves a dual visual purpose. It not only represents cooperative efforts, but also warmth, security and comfort.

The completed piece will be making a 'guest appearance" at the 12th Annual Duke/Durham Health Summit.
that's coming up in just a few days! It's been such an honor...and adventure to create this commission.

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Beautiful and joyful!I love it.

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