January 12, 2010

Goal Climbing

  Have you noticed that the funny thing about life lessons is that sometimes they are ambiguous and at other times crystal clear? This past year was one of the unquestionably clear ones. I saw the incredible power of walking towards a goal with strategically placed people by my side. The results were amazing.
 Knowing my goal of launching eleatta.com, I invited a small handful of gifted people to meet with me regularly. These became known as my ‘mastermind group”. Representing skill sets that I knew I needed, we met, strategized....and ate lots of crowd-pleasing foods like lasagna and brownies. Within about 6 months, a momentum had begun to build that was extraordinary. Not only had we carved out timelines and goals, but what was most interesting was that there was also a real build up of organic energy, which gave momentum that would not have been created otherwise. The “icing on the cake” to this dream concoction was  having Wendy White on my Team from Continuum Consulting Services drawing on a 20 year pool of wisdom and resources. In addition, participating in an online course called The Abundant Artist  with an incredible consultant, Cory Huff catapulted me further in a few months that I could have done on my own in an entire year.
 When asked by a friend about the rapid progress I had made and how they might create a similar scenario, I suggested a line from John Maxwell's book, Put Your Dream to the Test. He recommends putting this challenge to yourself: "Have I included the people that I need to accomplish my dream?" We all know the admonition, "You are what you put inside you." but it is equally true, "We become like those we surround ourselves with." Keith Ferrazzi and his popular books Who's Got Your Back  and Never Eat Alone  unravels the untapped power source in the pursuit of a goal or a dream - surrounding yourself with the right people.
  So how about you? Do you want to orchestrate a mastermind strategy? Are there people around you to help you navigate the slippery slope of goal climbing?
Know where you want to go; 
Identify the people who can help you get there. 

Keith Ferrazzi

A lot of people have gone farther than they thought they could because 
someone else thought they could.  
Zig Ziglar


Love that Zig Ziglar quote. I'm grateful for the times I'm put in check by close friends who tell me I'm selling myself short. Wonderful stuff.

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