May 15, 2010

Behind the Easel

 Durham Dreams update  - Painting the dreams of Durham....

Durham Dreamer for the month of May: Mary Ann Black.Her completed Dream Portrait will be unveiled May21st with a reception celebrating the dream of this wonderful, well loved woman and leader in Durham.  The reception will be 5-6 PM at Goldenbelt studio #114, 807 E Main Durham NC.
Mary Ann's "Dream Portrait" is progressing wonderfully. I am now adding detailing, while continuing to build up various layers of blues from bluegreen to violet blue, cobalt and cerulean. At this stage of the painting, with only six more days left till it's unveiling, all the elements in the composition are beginning to "sing together". It's at this point that I imagine how a chorus director must feel. After practicing and bringing all the voices together, a unified sound begins to emerge from what was previously discord. Even my husband has learned this final phase, asking me just yesterday, "Is it singing yet, Hun?"


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