February 07, 2013

The King and Queen of Hearts

It's really the little things that make (or break) a great relationship. Funny how that is, right? Our actions are like tiny little pebbles. If the actions are kind and other-centered, the pebbles seem to cluster together to ground the relationship. If our actions are self centered or unforgiving, the pebbles wiggle into our shoes so that we cannot seem to walk in love for a single step! 

In Best Marriage Advice Ever, I mentioned a great little book The 5 Love Languages  which is like a linguistics course in learning to 'speak' love to your spouse : simple ways to learn to do 'little things'.
I also shared my own small but potent piece of marriage advice.  

At the end of that post I invited comments. I wanted to hear others' wise little bits! Offering a sketched interpretation of their best marriage advice, seemed to be enough incentive;I've gotten several. 

Here's Jason's great advice. 

I'd say one of the fundamental things in our marriage has been that we always trust the other has our best in mind. This thought has saved us from many emotional train wrecks. When we choose to believe the best about someone, we don't get cynical or bitter towards them, we grow closer to them despite their shortcomings.

 His blog, Command-and-promise, is deep and well thought.

I interpreted Jason's sage insight as a king and queen counseling over their kingdom with the same goals in mind and same hopes in their heart.
Stay tuned. I'll post the next visual advice 'translation' one soon!

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As a Catholic, a couple is required to attend classes on marriage. One of the main things that they cover are the five love languages. People are fallible and communication is the first thing to falter but if a couple truly sticks to these, they will be able to get through any rough spots in their marriage. Very interesting book! Jason's advice is very good. Often times we want to be on the defensive. Thinking that everyone is out to get us, including our significant other. If we stick to the idea that our spouse loves us and has our best interests at heart, then we will be less likely to jump to negative conclusions when they say or do things and will less likely to start up unnecessary arguments. Thanks for the great post!

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