February 12, 2013

Love Takes Time

My memories of family reunions, are filled with smells of corn bread, fried chicken and apple cobbler....and belly aches from eating way too much. But my favorite part of all was settling under the gigantic poarch table, hiding out with one last stolen cookie, while listening to all the STORIES! These get togethers were usually in the heat of dripping hot Augusts in Camden S.C. The air was so humid, you could've bathed in it!  

But, despite the heat,I loved hearing stories from Aunts and Uncles. I must have been what they call "an old soul" because I could strangely absorb and comprehend the between-the-line morals to all their tall tales and adventure tellings. I took special note of several couples in particular in how they spoke tenderly to one another, differing to one another, smiling at all the appropriate junctures. I noticed the little things they did for one another. It made an impression.

In posting a few thoughts on marriage (Best Marriage Advice Ever) I invited others to share their impressions on relational success. Eric, who blogs at CreativeVulcan.blogspot, and a friend of our family, shared this sage advice:

"One of the best pieces of advice I've received is "pace yourself". In work, in life, and even in marriage, there can be an immense pressure to try to fix everything at once, or just to be "all fixed" today. "Rome wasn't built in a day" is the common expression, but it's true. Strong marriages don't happen overnight. They have to be built in time. "

Keeing my promise to interpret the advice via a sketch, I've responded with this!

So, do YOU have a slice of wisdom on what makes for a great marriage that you'd like to share? I'll do a sketch for you too, if you post it! 

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