March 27, 2012

Peeking In

  Today, I thought I'd just share a peek into my world - some random things I've been up to. Hope you like it.

I love these lines from a little nursery rhyme ditty:
"Good, better, best,
 Never let it rest
 Till the good is the better
 and the better is the best." Anonymous

I am always thinking and looking for ways to improve the things I'm doing, whether it's a painting I'm working on or ways to create a memorable experience for my art Party guests.

I recently turned my attention to the door of my Golden Belt studio. It was just begging me for some jazzing up!

Hosting Art Parties has been such a great way to meet fabulous people, introduce them to the world of
Golden Belt's Third Friday and (hopefully) release their inner artist!

Evenings are usually my best time for working on my own pieces or creating workable images for the Art Parties. I'm truly blessed to have a studio at home that I can simply close off and hide all the mess.
A friend recently said, "Eleatta, you are so organized!" I had to laugh. If only she saw my studio!
It goes to show, "You CAN fool some of the people some of the time…."

Here is a little guy I'm considering for an Art Party….Still thinking. The challenge is creating images that are relatively simple to execute and also desirable over a wide spectrum of tastes. What do you think about the owl? Maybe change his colors?….

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