May 28, 2010

Behind the Easel

Have you ever noticed the tendency for deadlines to pile up and converge? This past week I felt like I was on a pitocine drip delivering a 12 pound baby. I had three major deadlines: finishing the next Durham Dreams Portrait
                 throwing a sweet 16 party
                 meeting end-of- year teacher requirements
Deadlines. They are a part of life. I think the best way to help deal with them is humor. But then again, isn’t humor the best way to deal with anything? 
Here’s a couple that make me smile and nod:
“I love deadlines. I especially like the whooshing sound they make as they go flying by.” Douglas Adams
“The ultimate inspiration is the deadline.” Nolan Bushnell
But my favorite is:
“A Man on a mission is far better than a drone on a deadline.” Anonymous
This resonates true because it’s the passion in a project that wins the day.The passion is the gasoline. Don’t you agree?
Durham Dreams
I continue to be so excited about Durham Dreams and the idea of using this project as a means of highlighting  some of the virtuous, brave efforts that have transformed Durham over the last 15 - 20 years.
Well, here is Number 3 in the Durham Dreams series. There are 9 more to go! Next up is Bill Shore of GSK.


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