July 06, 2010

Project Daily Bread

Behind the Easel: Ernie Mills' Project Daily Bread

Each month as I do research while gathering ideas for the featured “Dream Portrait”, I enter a wonderful maze of inspiration. The individuals that have been chosen as candidates for Durham Dreams are such incredible human beings, giving so much of themselves in service to their community. This month’s journey into the stories of  the “amazing grace” surrounding the Durham Rescue Mission and it’s founders Ernie and Gail Mills has been deeply moving. Reverend Mills’ mission and message has not only been extraordinarily effective, but also  extremely contagious. The Durham Rescue Mission draws volunteers of all ages, as seen in this video clip. Project Daily Bread is something I know you’ll love hearing about. 

Defining an idea:
Sometimes I get a lot of insight into an idea simply by looking up  the definitions of relevant words. In beginning this "Dream Portrait" of the Durham Rescue Mission, I wanted to focus on the idea of rescuing. 
Rescue:  the recovery or preservation from loss or danger.

Feeding the Hungry - a rescue from hunger:
 Everyday, the Durham Rescue Mission provides three nutritious meals to hungry men,women, and children.With the generous support of their donors, they are given the opportunity to serve over 190,000 meals each year.


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