August 08, 2010

7 Traits of Creative People

  This is a brief list of 7 basic attributes that I have observed creative people having in common. I'd love to hear your opinion. What other qualities do you think they exhibit?

A Core attribute.

2.Flexible Imagination: Ability to see a challenge with a filter of potential solutions 

3.Seeing Problems as Interesting: A fascination with problems is a magnet to thinking creatively. 

4. Constructive Discontent: There's a basic drive towards bringing the good to the best.
5. Optimism: Creative people generally have a belief that most (if not all) problems can be solved.
6. Suspending Judgment: The ability to be slow in judging  an idea in the process of creativity. 
7. Perseverance: Creative people tend to stick with their ideas and see them through because of their “vision”.

Remember, I'd love to hear your list!


I think creative people are also fearless....they are not afraid to try something new...a new class, a new material to work with, a new idea, etc. I think it can also go along with the trait of perseverance. I also think that creative people are "teachable" or great teachers.....they love to learn new things and are so excited to share what they've learned with you! Just like you :)

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