August 10, 2010

Creative Thinkers

Creative minds
I just returned from a gathering of creative minds. What amazing energy buzzed about that room! The Scrap Exchange is sponsoring a collaborative community art project. Sitting in on the planning stages has not only been exhilarating for me as an artist, but it has been a great opportunity to make observations about creative thought.
Lively discussion
Tonight’s lively discussion concerning the logistics of the project was particularly enlightening. As ideas were tossed around the table like ping pong balls, I noted a common thread among the artists. There was a unified “can do” attitude towards any idea that was presented.
Dividing line
It’s my observation that there’s a simple dividing line between those who think creatively and those who think critically. (Yes, we need both, I know!) Those who think more critically tend to say, “Yes, but...” and those who think more creatively think, “Yes, and...” They see a wide horizon of possibility.
Here is another image from the “Scrap Exchange” that certainly demonstrates creativity!
Pepper Fluke
This month’s Durham Dreams portrait of Pepper Fluke’s dream for Durham is shaping up wonderfully. It will be unveiled on Aug. 20th from 5:30 - 9:00PM in my Golden Belt studio #114. This is number 6! I’m half way finished with this exciting project of painting the Dreams of community leaders!


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