August 12, 2010

Constructive Discontent

Always changing things!
I’m glad my hubby loves me so much. Otherwise I’d drive him crazy. I’m always changing things around our house. I used to secretly wonder why I’d get sudden bursts of inspiration to move a couch across a room or alter the angle of a chair. Along the way, however, I’ve realized it was something called “Constructive Discontent” Somehow it always feels better when there’s a name for our issues, right?.
 The creative brain:
Most people whose brain is more heavily loaded on the right side (creative folks) tend to display this phenomena. It’s a general internal drive that perpetually asks how something good might become even better. 
Let’s talk:
There is a certain “life” that a piece of art possesses. Though this may sound odd, most artists would readily concur. The act of creating is likened to a conversation between artist and art. The artist listens and responds. One of my favorite artists,Simon Bull, likens this process to an ongoing dialogue.
Tweak, tweak:
In creating the ‘dream portraits’ for Durham Dreams I have needed to tame this drive; a limited amount of time to execute each piece demands constraint. Recently, however, I have not been able to deny this urge. I am “tweaking” Bill Kalkoff’s portrait.This painting kept clamoring for more attention. Every time I walked, it grabbed my shoulder and demanded I listen. As I reconsidered it, I freshly saw that the “dream orbs” were too dominant and the color palette too dark in areas. So, once again, I am pulling out my life’s motto: 

 Good, better best, 
 never let it rest,
 till the good is the better
 and the better is the best.


I can't wait to see what you've been up on the evolution of Bill's dream on canvas.

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