September 22, 2010

Finding A Fit

Finding a pair of jeans or a swimsuit that fit perfectly has been likened to “the impossible dream”. Finding a dream that fits perfectly is equally challenging. In my last post, I began laying out the “dream fit- test” as presented in John Maxwell’s book,” Put Your Dream to the Test”. The first examination is determining if a dream is truly one’s own.

 Here’s a litmus paper for your dream:

When Someone Else Owns Your Dream
-It will not have the right fit.
-It will be a weight on your shoulders.
-It will drain your energy.
-It will put you to sleep.
-It will take you out of your strength zone.
-It will be fulfilling to others.
-It will require others to make you do it.


When You Own Your Dream
-It will feel right on you.
-It will provide wings to your spirit.
-It will fire you up.
-It will keep you up at night.
-It will take you out of your comfort zone.
-It will be fulfilling to you.
-You will feel you were made to do it.

When the dream is right for the person and the person is right for the dream, the two become inseparable. They are like “two peas in a pod”. As each month clicks off another encounter with a “Durham Dreamer” I observe the truth of this statement. As I interpret the dreams of individuals in Durham who had impacted the community, I witness the “tailor made” fit of the subject’s dream to the individual nature and frame of the dreamer.

Cora Cole McFadden, Mayor pro Tempore of Durham was September’s “Durham Dreamer”. Her robust love, laughter and faith permeate her dream like air fills a balloon. Her dream encompasses the children of Durham to see them cherished, nurtured and protected.


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