February 28, 2011

Change Agents!

Durham Dreams honors two future dreamers in Durham.
 Krystin and Joel McCauley were February's featured  participants.

"Change Agents"
Durham Dreams is the body of work  I have been working on for a year. It features  the dreams of some of Durham's finest leaders. It was inspired by this wonderful quote by Header Camera.

"When we are dreaming alone, it is only a dream. When we are dreaming with others, it is the beginning of reality."

"Durham Dreams" is dedicated to the reality of the dreams that have already transformed the city of Durham, as well as to the dreamers yet to come that will take her still farther.

This body of work will be a collection of portraits of key visionaries, “dreamers”,  10 of which have transformed Durham over the last 20 years and 2 featuring dreamers for Durham's future.. The portraits will be unusual, however. They will be what I call "dream portraits”, which are painted interpretations of an individual's visions, hopes and aspirations. Subjects have shared their dream for Durham with me in interviews, and the I am translating their dreams onto canvas.

Krystin and Joel McCauley, a dynamic brother and sister duo, were the delightful subjects of February's portrait. In their interview, the below quote was given as their dream for Durham:

"Change Agents" by Eleatta
Our dream for Durham is to utilize entertainment and service as a vehicle to create positive changes particularly for the youth. We hope to use our artistic talents in music, acting, and television hosting to create global change that we can bring back to Durham to inspire the young people in our city to be change agents.

When I begin one of these "portraits" there are several things I consider:
- the dream
- any desired color palette
- the "feeling" of the dream
- possible symbolic metaphors

Below, I have posted the completed painting along with images depicting portions of the painting with their meanings.

*trench coats - change" agents"
*"seeds" sown from hand - positive changes
*ribbons undone-  wholehearted commitment to vision

*round platform- a stage representing entertainment
also depicting a compass center representing a change of direction for youth

*filigree on "stage" and clothing- integrity on and off stage
* glowing spheres- dreams, aspirations

*tickets- spreading wealth and doing good through their talents

*female figure "flying"- pursuing a vision and seeking to do good lifts and transcends the doer

*faces tilted downward- a posture of humility

*two similar arm positions of figures - the synchronization between Krystin and Joel's joint efforts

It was such a delight to create this portrait. I hope it will inspire many other "future" dreamers to pursue such noble dreams.


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