June 19, 2011

The Best Life Ever

This is the "dream portrait" depicting Cora Cole McFadden's dream for Durham.
Cora McFadden is Durham,N.C.'s Mayor Pro Tem. When interviewed for this painting, her expressed wish for the children of Durham was that they would "have the opportunity to live the best life ever!"
In the captions of the following images, you may see a bit of my thoughts behind the symbolism of these paintings.

Spherical shapes are used as symbols representing dreams, hopes and aspirations.
Here, a small child is clasping a dream in her hand.

Cora McFadden is a stout hearted woman with a warm smile and robust laughter.
I chose to depict the faces of the children in a three quarter side angle in order to capture the charm of youthful faces.

Depicting Durham's multi ethnic community, I chose a diverse collection of children to be embraced in welcoming arms.

Illustrating Cora's dream of seeing the children of Durham  receiving  opportunities of "living the best lives ever", I chose to position all faces lifted upwards.
This painting has been a crowd favorite thus far. While it has been in my studio, people gravitate to the warm tones and cherub-cheeked children!
Durham Dreams may be viewed in my Durham studio until August. Then is Sept. and Oct. they will be exhibited in downtown Durham N.C.'s  "American Tobacco" complex.


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