October 18, 2011

The Laborious Journey

"Where Dreams Grow" by Eleatta (c) 36x48 acrylic (SOLD)

Where Dreams Grow was created as a tribute to the wonder  in which the human heart cultivates a dream.  Conceived in the secret place of the soul, it is nurtured through thoughts of hope and faith. Due to the power of it's innate life within, it pushes through layers of obstacles. Because of it's laborious journey, it's resulting fruit is humility.

In preparing for the Durham Dreams Reception Gala, I have chosen this painting to summarize my thoughts concerning the sincere lives represented in the DURHAM DREAMS series. 

Below, I have posted images  of some of the "dreamers" featured in Durham Dreams.                                                                     

Pepper Fluke, Durham artist
Bill Shore, Director of US Community Partnerships for GSK

Kelly Bryant, Durham historian
Cora cole McFadden, Mayor Pro Tem
Rev. Ernie Mills, Founder of the Durham Rescue Mission
Sherif Hill, Durham County Sherif
Mary Ann Black, Director of Community affairs at Duke University Health System

 Bill Kalkof, President of Downtown Durham Inc.

Evelyn Schmidt, Founder and CEO of the Lincoln Health Center


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