May 10, 2012

Life's Layers

New work in progress
Here's a sneak peek!
A new addition to my Celebrations series, this wild rose is categorized as one of June's "Birthday Flowers". 

Celebrate good times....and the bad!
 These paintings are meant to celebrate the joy of living life in all it's complexities and triumphs. Seeing that life demands that we incorporate all the layers of challenges and joys, these new works are mixed media pieces that reflect such synthesis and uses multiple layers of recycled materials. 

Wider spectrum of patrons
Creating these smaller pieces (12"x12") has afforded a wider spectrum of patrons to enjoy the luxury of owning a piece of fine art as well as giving me the freedom to explore new techniques on a smaller scale.

I'm almost finished with this new Birth Flower! I'm just putting some finishing touches on it now and will post the end result soon. Stay tuned!

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This is just beautiful! :)

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