January 08, 2013

Healthy and Happy

Recently, someone asked me "What do you think about when you paint? Simply put, I  interpret ideas...This can lead down some really diverse rabit holes, but it's a lot of fun! From inspirational thoughts about excitement and joy:

"Celebrate" 5x7 original oil pastel $35
...to thoughts on the lonely but brave path of choosing a different life-course :

"I'll Just Go This Way" original 5x7 oil pastel $35

Several months ago, MaryAnn Black, one of the participants of Durham Dreams, invited me to be a graphic (visual recorder for the annual Durham Health Summit with approximately 600 in attendance.

Translating dozens of ideas on ways to create health in Durham filled six flip charts! (Doodling for a whole day is my idea of a fun! ) The Summit concluded with my next assignment intact. I was commissioned to "interpret the jest of the conference" into a piece of fine art which could be publicly displayed. 

Graphic Recording during the 11th Annual Duke Health Summit

This was quite a challenge!
Syncing the multitude of topics discussed at the Summit into a cohesive and "readable" painting took some incubating! After pages of sketchbook entries, the final succinct concept was this:

Express a happy, healthy community benefiting from the monumental contributions of Duke University Health System.

The visual translation was to be doctors, nurses and patients joyously celebrating health. My goal was to convey this simple message: health enables possibilites.

The Summit's theme, "Weaving Durham’s Tapestries, Moving the Needle on Health"  was to be portrayed by placing the happy, raucous group delightedly jumping on a parchwork "Duke Blue quilt (complete with Duke logos, of course!)

Here are a few pics of the development of the painting. I'm almost finished....I'll add face detail, shadows, highlights along with quilt logos. The blue I've used here is just the "under painting". I will, of course, add the mandatory Duke blue!!!!

As I complete facial features, great consideration will be given to represent the wide variety of ethnicities to reflect Durham's diverse population.

Stay tuned. I'll share more photos soon.  I expect to be completed with the painting within a week!

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