February 28, 2010

Behind the Easel

I tend to sift life through a sieve of allegories and analogies. The painting process is like parenting. A child is joyfully conceived, as is the idea for a  painting. The child gestates and grows, causing increasing discomfort. The concept for a painting likewise gestates. It grows inside my head swimming, swelling, squiggling. I think about it continually. I think about it's every aspect - wondering what the finished delivery will reveal. The painting is as alive inside of me as a child. From having my own children, I know that the idea of what I think a child will become is quite different than the person into which he or she actually grows. The painting is similar. Having it's own DNA it morphs, bulges, and squirms into an image that is often much different that how I originally envisioned. I am blessed in that my own children have far surpassed my initial pregnant images and expectations. They are extraordinary. It is my hope that my paintings would emerge likewise.


Such an interesting post Eleatta. I know God plants these wonderful ideas in that lovely mind of yours!

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