March 02, 2010

Behind the Easel

Color! I love color. Sometimes I am so enamored - obsessed ,CRAZY about color that it's embarrassing! I notice things that others usually don't. My kids have grown accustomed to my rantings about the shade of blue in the sky or the color of the jam as it spreads on the toast. I love color so much that when I'm having a rough day, I can always switch my attitude to gratitude just by being thankful for my sight and the gift of seeing.
In creating the first Durham Dream portrait, the requested color palette was shades of purple. As I began this scheme, however, I found myself needing to make adjustments. Since the dream being portrayed (This month it's Bill Kalkhoff's Pres DDI ) conveyed a desire for Downtown Durham becoming a fun place to live. Too much purple creates a feeling of melancholy. Therefore I'm now lacing brighter colors into the composition.
This is definitely the fun part. There's nothing so enjoyable as swishing luscious paint onto a prepared canvas. 
I just need to pick up a couple of tubes of paint. I have certain shades of lavanders and blues in mind, that I must go and find!....with my 40% coupon, of course, though!


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