May 08, 2010

Coloring a Dream

Durham Dreamer for the month of May: Mary Ann Black

Her dream for Durham: " see Durham become one of the healthiest cities in the world. I define healthy as in the three aspects: physically, financially and spiritually I also desire to see Durham as a thriving city that loves, cherishes and fully embraces itself in all of it's diversity."

Mary Ann, in requesting her desired color pallet for her "Dream Portrait" selected  "all shades of blues" along with "jewel tones". In filling my brushes with these rich hues, I was reminded of the long love affair I've had with color. My earliest infatuation started with the first giant sized box of Crayola crayons. To young eyes, the standing rows of colorful soldiers awaiting my command filled my head with dreams of another world. Azure, Cornflower, Cerulean held me captive under their power for hours. Below hues of blue colors I'm using for this third "Durham Dreams" portrait. 


They are dignified, refined and eloquent, just as the subject whose "dream" they are creating - Mary Ann Black,director of community affairs for the Duke University Health System (DUHS) The completed "Dream Portrait" will be unveiled Fri. May 21st with a reception from 5-6pm at my studio, #114, in  Golden Belt,  807 E Main St. Durham, NC.
Just for fun, here is an interesting link for a "color test" to see what your favorite color palette reveals about your personality type! What Do Your Color Choices Say About You?



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