August 05, 2010

How to Develop Creativity

The welcome mat 

The welcome mat is laid out for all who desire to enter into the adventure of expanding their creative potential.Considering the definition of “develop” as the act of growing into a more mature or advanced state, there are endless ways one might stretch their creative muscles. Here are just a few suggestions: 
Decide you have the capacity to be creative. You do! All human beings carry creative potential in some area. The ability to create is the very defining essence of being human. Within the sphere of our own “gifting” (The Nine Types of Intelligence), each of us hold creative capacity.
Decide to climb 
Decide to climb out of the ‘same ol’ stuff ‘ rut.
In the book,The Creative Habit | Book by Twyla Tharp a simple trick is disclosed. She elaborates on the powerful potential of simply doing daily routine tasks in a different manner as a means of stimulating creative thought. 
Decide to begin! 
Decide to begin! key word is BEGIN! The beginning is not the end. To begin to be creative means to simply take a step. Simply move toward it. The road to creativity is often blocked by an unrealistic expectation of perfection. Allowing ourselves the luxury of enjoying the process of a new endeavor catapults us toward creative confidence.

I have begun the next Durham Dreams Portrait. This month’s honored   subject is Pepper Fluke, a local potter, who spearheaded a crusade to restore the Carolina Theatre. Her dream for Durham is that the arts would be accessible to people of all ages. This dream is the subject of this month’s painting and will be unveiled Fri. Aug. 20th  6-9pm at my studio in Golden Belt. 


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