May 29, 2011

Diamonds, What have You Done For Me Lately?

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"Just Be Still" by Eleatta 11x14 acrylic on canvas  $75

In my last post I shared a link for a fun little color personality analysis. Did you take it? If not, here's the link again:

It's really interesting. My questionnaire revealed this about me:

"Your color personality is: Green

It sounds like the hue you most relate to is green -- the color most evocative of nature. Adjectives such as kind, gentle, and contemplative likely describe you. You enjoy being involved with your neighbors and coworkers, but you also require plenty of time to yourself to recharge.You are social yet introverted, and modern but not trendy. Surround yourself with your signature color to create a restful, soothing environment. "

I thought it was interesting how accurately it accessed my need for have "time to yourself to recharge."That's why I purposefully chose soft tones of green and blue when we were painting our home. A peaceful atmosphere is high on my list of priorities for home decor!

If you get inspired to reconsider the colors in your home and how they affect you, you're on your way to a very rewarding quest. It can be very gratifying to experience a mood shift simply because of a purposeful color palette. 

But, I know what you're saying right now. You can't repaint everything.
Even though it's probably not possible to go right out and repaint all your walls, it is possible, and even beneficial, to be mindful of your color-personality and the way color affects your mental and emotional state. Intermediate changes can be made in throws, pillows, vases, etc. Small changes can have beneficial boosts while you're working on plans for wall color change. The color of our surroundings has a subtle but powerful affect on our mood and any move toward that end will reap lasting dividends!
 I've always been puzzled by the saying, "Diamonds are a girls best friend."I say,"Hey, paint can do a heck of a lot more!" 

What do you think? 


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