August 31, 2010

How to Juggle Your Dreams!

"Most of us have trouble juggling. The woman who says she doesn’t is someone whom I admire but have never met." Barbara Walters
Tossing around a dream
Two years ago I painted this addition to the “Dream Series”. In thinking about the challenges of pursuing a dream in our hearts while simultaneously spinning the other responsibilities of life, I thought of a juggler. Mind you, I’ve never learned this art. Neither have I perfected the beauty of perfectly propelling my daily tasks in such synchrony. I have, however, thought a lot about tossing around a dream and allowing the weight of it to touch your hand. I think this “touching” is the essential facet. 
The perfect stage?
In talking to folks about their dreams, I often hear a common theme. There’s a notion that they think they must wait till there’s a perfectly set stage with beckoning neon lights. My thought is that pursuing a dream is much messier. The essence of this challenge of materializing a dream is the ability to display the courage needed to pick up yet another ball when it doesn’t really feel possible.
Amazed..... and envious!
I don’t think there are very many souls that have the luxury of singularly pursuing a dream. If you are one, I stand amazed and envious. To the rest of us, I offer this bit of encouragement: Dare. Pick up one more ball at a time. Don’t dismay if hands falter. Simply continue to gather the balls and keep juggling. Slowly our capacity expands and we feel the spinning less dizzying. I'd also suggest surrounding yourself with individuals who will cheer you on!
A big say “do it!
This painting was created to serve as a giant encouragement plaque, so to speak. It’s my hope that it inspires many to remain in an attitude of peaceful confidence as they juggle their way through the path to their dreams.
The power in a question
I am continually fascinated by the power of asking someone what their dream for their life is. When visitors stream through my monthly open studio, this is my favorite question to ask. Sometimes I’ve wished I’ve had a secret camera set up to record what I see. Faces unfold and expressions become animated with life. Responding, their reply is often,”Wow. No ones ever asked me that!” It’s a great way to make instant friends!
A give away
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Happy juggling!


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